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        I do not receive the email with a link to download the product. How I can get the product?

        Please check your spam folder, maybe your mail has been filtered as spam. if you have paid by bank transfer the mail you will receive between 24 and 48 hours after making the payment and order

        I have some templates I'd like to elaborate marketing through you

        Send us an email with details of the template plantillaexcel@plantillaexcel.com


        I can use the product purchased in all my computers?

        Depends on the product, some of which are sold under license for one PC. What if this is allowed to copy the file unlimited times on the same PC


         I need a change / modify to the excel template

        We can give you a quote on an amendment, the minimum charge for an amendment is 60 euros. The templates or documents that we ask customers to roam as average 300 to 900 euros, click on the link above to your needs and send us an email. The above prices are estimated prices, the price of custom work vary from job to job


        I can buy their products at a dealer?

        To get these prices so low that we only sell through our online store


        If the product does not satisfy me I can return it?

        Unless there is a product of superior performance, in which case the purchase would admit paying the difference. In all other cases we do not accept returns.


        I can contact by phone with you?

        The only system we have is contact by mail, send an email to plantillaexcel@plantillaexcel.com respond to all emails within 24 hours

        Some products I'm interested but limited in their capabilities, such as serving up to 100 bills

        Many times, these limitations have been placed by the low speed excel in their calculations. What you can do is copy the file in unlimited folders on the same PC, for which you purchased the license, that way the management can do for quarters or quarters, depending on what you need

        How is the conversion of the verse. to free verse. commercial?

        It's simple when you bought the program and send the mail, following instructions from the Program Fees page within d ela application. Get a file with the same name and extension program for your PC rkey particularized. This file is to copy the same folder where the template executable. The file gets to call the same way, if you have the template file PLANTILLADEFACTURA.EXE received are called PLANTILLADEFACTURA.RKEY sure you have the 2 files in the same folder

        or here



        The template works fine but I will not let me record when I click on the floppy excel

        Should find out if you have saved in a folder read-only The easiest is to create a new folder on drive C: and on that new folder, save the template

        test on the C drive and on the desktop

        1 .- see here how to create a new folder

        prices are in euros if you use another currency, you can see the change in



        What are the prices of the templates?

        If you downloaded a free demo paragraph

        Program prices
        prices are specified for that template

        All prices are public and can be seen in


        How do I start a year from the template of last year?

        If you want to start a year with the basic data, customers, products ... etc in the previous year, the process is - copy the template file to another folder rkey - this empty folder to enter data either bills, visits. .. etc, it is easier to get into those files and delete the lines
        Is the currency symbol is the € and in my country we use another, as I can change it?

        It's simple

        Currency in the columns, select the column header to select the entire column

        Press the right mouse button, choose Format Cells, select currency, here you must choose the symbol of the currency of your country.

        If you can not find it here click the Custom option and write yourself a symbol of your choice


        How do I check the file I copied it to convert the demo in the verse. commercial?

        In vers. Free demo displays a screen, at first with the announcement that a free demo and a button that says CLOSE In vers. commercial does not show this screen in the verse. Free demo does not let you save the data. In vers. music by clicking on the floppy Excel, allows you to save data




        2 .- Once you create the folder, save the template on it with the save as option

        The program fee must be paid every year

        The program has no expiration date, if you format your computer or install it on another computer if you must pay for the next installment. This next installment is very cheap prices, 10, 20 euros, see the exact price of your program page.
        The download is instant for these products?

        Yes, after paying with your card, PayPal will immediately receive a download of the product. Also we will send an email with your personal download link. Some products are under review in that case the download will make a max. 24 hours, provided we receive an email confirming the purchase in less than 3 hours
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