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International vehicles maintenance

International vehicles maintenance

International vehicles maintenance

Vehicles maintenance on excel

Designed for you to keep track of vehicles with costs, repairs and maintenance up to 50 vehicles

Can register their vehicles, employees, maintenance, storage products, parts and service suppliers … etc and know what is spent in their vehicles and when to perform their maintenance.

Control of the parts they purchase each month and what you spend each month on repairs

Know the car expenses every month, it bought from each supplier each month
Know when to make the maintenance of their vehicles, when you must renew your card ITV, your permission to transport, insurance, when to change tires, oil … etc.

Find out how many parts you have and how many have to order

See the value of the stock of spare parts in stock.

With the summary sheet, see at a glance the state of all its vehicles, the state of maintenance, graphs of monthly expenses, the summary of his articles, all on a single sheet summary

Automatic calculation of quantity to order for each product depending on the minimum stock marked on each product

Statistics purchases and repairs, month by month, by product, by supplier by product family

Excel template with more than 20 sheets.
the price is the first installment price of 10 euros following


Parts & Service: 300
vehicles: 50
Suppliers: 40
Purchases and repairs: 1,000
Maintenance: 500
the same excel sheet you can copy unlimited times on the same PC

Precio : 42 €

Beneficios :

In other management software you can not change anything without the developer, which will cost on many cases more than the original software
With these excel sheets prepared for use, you can modify at your convenience, all from Excel, without requiring any developer.

If you develop by yourself or order a book like this , it will cost in time or the third party payment, 10 times the amount of these excel sheet.

Requerimientos : Need excel 2003 or more

Para comprar esta plantilla , sin macros ni protecciones , puede hacerlo en este enlace


recibirá un fichero en excel que puede copiar en todos sus pc´s



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